Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Still Can't Believe This Really Happened...

I just got this picture in my email, and I promised to share it when I got it, so here you go! Our picture with the President and the First Lady from the White House Christmas Party!

When I got the email and I was waiting for the picture to load, I was saying to myself, "please don't look fat, please don't look fat." And it's not bad! So, I'm a happy girl!

Sorry I haven't blogged in like 47 days. I've been super busy! Maybe there will be time for blogging later.


Kristen Maddux said...

A-mazing!! You guys look fantastic. My hubby would love Mike's tie. And your dark hair is so chic. I'm also totally diggin Michelle's dress, even with the funky collar. The right to bare arms for sure ;)
Did you have time to snoop around that room? I'm wondering about the fab wall behind you. Is that a painted mural or wallpaper?
The color is so rich and gorgeous. Great pic.
Anyway....thanks for sharing.
What a keepsake!
Merry Christmas, guys!

Unknown said...

Thats really amazing you and mike with was a remarkable memory for you.

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