Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Saturday was a good night. Our friends Jessi and Brendan came over for dinner. This is seriously one of our favorite past times. Please, for real, feel free to invite yourselves over for dinner. I love to cook. I love to have people to fill the 8 chairs we have for our dining room table. I stink, however, at actually inviting people over. So, do it. We'll have good food, and a good time. I promise!

I made a pot roast and vegetables. Steamed some green beans in bacon grease. Uncle Ben made some wild rice.
Jessi made a beautiful apple pie, from scratch.
I also made some homemade honey oatmeal yeast rolls.
Dinner was supurb.
Time for dessert. Jessi didn't want to slice the pie...
So, naturally, Brendan had to do it.
It was also, delicious.
The pets enjoyed the company and were delightfully worn out.
Michael made Brendan some hot tea.
And Jessi checked out our fancy bed. Haha.
Such a wonderful evening. Want to be next? Now accepting reservations!

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Kelly Stockstill said...

Table for 4? You, Mike, Josh, me? Sometime after the holidays? :)