Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cold

Today is a WONDERFUL day. This year the Ritters are staying home for Christmas. We have been anticipating today for months. So yesterday we were disappointed when Dana started fighting a cold. It isn't just a little sniff-and-cough cold, but a big ol' knock-you-on-your-can cold. With a turkey and fixings in the refrigerator Dana wasn't going to be undone.
Add to the cold a pressure sore on my end that requires extra help from Dana (and extra worry too) and we weren't too happy with how Christmas was shaping up. Neither of us handles disappointment very well. Getting through a rough morning, we enjoyed Dana's breakfast casserole (which we'll be enjoying the next several days) and read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
We then OPENED OUR GIFTS! We each had a stocking and something beside the tree (Note: with a curious puggle, presents go on the table beside, not under the tree). It was great having our surprises from each other (along with the practical things we knew were coming). The big relief was: nowhere to be.
Not to be bested by a cold --even a big ol' one-- Dana went to fixing that Christmas dinner she has been planning. She is coughing and wo' out, but she is pushing through it. Still at it at nearly five o'clock and coughing along, Dana has the house smelling wonderful --yet again-- and even brought be some of her homemade bread from Thursday's cook-fest.
Somebody gets a really good massage and long, relaxing shower tonight and hopefully a restful night sleep.
Thank you for making this a Very Merry Christmas Sweet.


Kristen Maddux said...

Just wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog as one of my favs of the year. You guys are great...keep writing. :) And have a Happy New Year!

Mike Ritter said...

Thanks Kristen. Following your story too goes to show us we aren't alone. Needing the help of our spouse / being a burden on our spouse is a really annoying situation. Having a spouse who is there to do whatever it takes is a really amazing blessing.

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