Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pics of our Place

Guess what? I FINALLY remembered to take pictures of our place the other day! We moved in August, and I just got around to taking pictures with the camera and not just my iPhone. That iPhone camera makes me lazy, I tell you! Oh well. Here you go.

Let me first say that this place is HOME. It is a joy to live here because this place feels 100% ours. Our old place had a couple of problems. #1: concrete floors. They were dark and dirty and it always felt like we lived in garage or something. I won't horrify you with details of the dirt embedded in my heels. Or, maybe I just did. Sorry about that. #2: Our old place was a hodge podge (I have no idea how to spell that) of my stuff and Michael's stuff and it just didn't go together. #3: There was a hospital bed in our "office," and I hated that, too.

But this place, this place is OURS, fully. We planned and bought stuff on Craigslist and decorated and picked colors together. We both love summer and the beach and I think our place very accurately reflects US. We're proud of it, and love to spend time at home.

Here's the tour...
This is the living room, taken from the entry hallway.
This is taken from the dining area. Dog beds are just a part of life... because these guys... have to have somewhere to lounge.
Not that this guy really ever does that...
But, whatever.
Dining area.
Kitchen. I realized when I was uploading these pictures to Facebook that when I took this the burners and the coffeepot were in the dishwasher. Ooops.
Here is our bedroom. This is hands down, my favorite room. It is beautiful and peaceful and I love it so much!
And... our office. This room feels quite cluttered to me, but I guess that's okay.
I'm trying to decide if we really need books. I mean, I know we don't ever really look at them. But, when I think about getting rid of them, I don't really want to. I have gotten rid of A LOT of books, believe it or not!
We have matching desks, one on each side of the bookcase in the middle. This was one of the best decisions I made. It keeps my creative, free spirited husband's "area" contained! :)
We want this place to be a good home base for us, but also a place to host friends and family all the time, too. We have nice air mattresses! Please let us know if you're coming in town, or if you want to come to dinner or come hang out any time! We would really LOVE to have you at our place!

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Kristen Maddux said...

LOVE the living room curtains and your bed's funky frame! Very fun.