Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our HOT Date!

Michael checking out his Vietnamese "tea"

Friday night, Michael and I were planning on going out for a "cheap date night." That sounds kind of funny when I look at it written out, "cheap date night" sounds kind of bad, but it wasn't! Our original plan was to go to Popeye's! (M has been seeing the commercial on TV and so he's been craving it!) But we made a last minute detour in the mall and ate at a little Vietnamese restaurant. Neither one of us had ever had Vietnamese before, so it was fun.

I ordered what amounts to chicken noodle soup. Michael ordered beef. I asked the waiter if it was spicy. "We keep the spicy on the table," he said, pointing to some hot sauce. I thought that was cute.

We had some sprouts and jalapenos to mix in our soup. Well..... M swallowed one of those jalapenos, and let me tell you.... that was like some sort of super jalapeno or something because there was pretty much smoke coming out of his ears!! I kid you not, the man's eyes were blood shot! He looked like a basset hound. He was almost in tears. I bought some expired potato chips from the front counter at his request. He chomped on those, and drank some of that "tea" that was really more like a smoothie, and a couple of HOURS later, he was back to normal.

So, yeah..... our HOT date...

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Robby, Tonja, Caitlin and Marissa said...

I don't know if Michael remembers or not, but his Mimi used to make some really hot beef enchiladas. We used to take a bite and then drink half a glass of tea to kill the hotness. She loved HOT stuff. Sure wish you could have known her, Dana. She would have loved you!