Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girls Trip to NYC

Okay... I don't know who I think I am lately... but I had another trip by myself! Check it out!!!
Two of my best friends, Gretchen and Courtney have been to see this Broadway show, Rock of Ages like, oh I don't know, 6 times... I think it's safe to say they're kind of obsessed. Well, last weekend, another trip to NYC was in order to celebrate Courtney's birthday, and I had the pleasure of heading up with Gretchen and Riki to NJ, getting Court, and heading into the City for the day Sunday to see the show, eat some cupcakes, and head back to DC. It went by so fast! I enjoyed every. single. moment.
Here are some highlights:
Arriving at Courtney's house and seeing this little guy. I can't believe little Roland is two years old!! Where does the time go? Isn't he a cutie! He looks more and more like Courtney every time I see him!
Taking the train to and from the city. Not exactly the way we planned it, but everything worked out perfectly. Blondes rule. Gretchen and I look like we could be sisters here!
Starbucks. Check.
Hilarious cab ride in which we made a cabbie named Ricky's day. Check.
Cupcakes from Magnolia. Check.
We ate them in Rockefeller Plaza.
I walked right by 30 Rock (where I used to dream of working ever since middle school) and I didn't feel a thing. Crazy, right? The truth settled in that I am so completely happy professionally that I don't even dream that dream anymore! Awesome!
Finally... the show. O. M. G. A-freaking-mazing! It was so funny, so entertaining. I was singing along, laughing, clapping, standing and cheering for the guitarist who is now personal friends with my friend Gretchen (her ways amaze me!) and asking my friends what certain a'hem references meant. :)

Thank you so much for an awesome time, Gretchen, Courtney and Riki!!! And Happy Birthday, Court!!! Love you guys!

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