Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Election Night

*Little note from me first: From time to time, you'll see the "theme" of this blog drift into little ramblings from ME, and it will be about my thoughts, my work, my friends, or whatever. Since I stopped writing on my own personal blog, and writing here, I still have to have a place to get my ramblings out there. If you're not interested, just let me know, and I'll stop. Okay, little note now over.*

How has it been a WEEK since election night? Seriously? I feel like I am still recovering! Election night to someone who works TV news is like the NFL draft is to the biggest NFL fan. (Hi Gretchen.) There is a lot of TV watching, a lot of armchair quarter-backing, and a lot of pizza.

When you work in the news business, it's a given that you'll be working all night on election night. It's just one of those unspoken rules. I have so many crazy election night memories. Like the time my political analyst had a nose bleed.... on the set. And the time I went to one reporter live, but she didn't think she was supposed to be on, so she literally ducked down to the floor. I love election night, because I'm a political nerd, and also because I'm an adrenaline junkie and you just can't beat the election night fix!

This year, my assignment was to stake out a Tea Party watch results party in Arlington. It was fun! I have some great co-workers, let me tell you. It's always fun. And, there wasn't pizza, but thank God, there was food. So, it was a good time!

I left my love at home to stay up all night (pretty much) by himself. Thankfully, I have the kind of husband who looks at a mandatory "all nighter" like this as an adventure. Meanwhile... I had two beds... to myself.
I love staying in hotels! Even though this really was more like a nap than spending 'the night.'
Of course, I did manage to take a cheesy picture of myself in the mirror, all Pioneer Woman-esque.
At the Tea Party results watch Party, we interviewed Virginia Attorney General (and rising Republican rock star) Ken Cuccinelli.
Jennifer's husband hijacked her standup. They are a really cute couple, let me tell you!
Ian and I refused to wait for the elevator...
For me, this year, the day *after* election day was the really FUN day! It was crazy busy... starting with the GOP leadership meeting the press that morning.
I'll give you a peek into what it's like covering these cats on Capitol Hill...
First.. you line up outside. They let still cameras in first, then video cameras, and basically, you're herded like cattle.
Here are my two co-workers, Matt and David. Matt ran the audio, David ran camera.
Action! We are escorted into this tiny room where John Boehner and Eric Cantor take like three questions in five minutes, then we are herded back out...
It was exciting! I could tell, though, that these guys were exhausted!
That afternoon, the GOP leaders of the House, Senate and Republican Governor's Association had a press conference. The most exciting part of this for me was two-fold. One, I got an e-mail from my friend Nathan that he saw me there in the background of some reporter's live shot, it was great to hear from him! Second, I just think Haley Barbour is a little bumpkin. What can I say? I like chubby people from the south, I think they're cute. Bumpkin like. Good times.
The President also had a press conference that day, but I didn't make it to that since I was on the Hill. Another co-worker went to the White House to cover the President.
This picture of POTUS is not from that day, but from another day the week before the election when he made a statement about that whole cargo plane bomb plot. Drama!
The room looks kind of empty from my vantage point, but it really wasn't!

I guess that's pretty much it. I was completely exhausted after election day, but felt completely satisfied. I love my job!!! It's so exciting! Living a dream. Living a dream. God is so good!

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Diane Moody said...

Fascinating! I wish I kept up better with all your posts. You lead such an exciting life! Thanks for sharing!