Thursday, October 14, 2010

We are completely out of milk

Houston, we have a problem. Currently, my home is completely out of two things. Milk and lettuce.

This is all it takes to make me feel like a complete domestic failure.

Confession: I am a stockpiler.

Rarely do we really run out of anything. Because the second something starts to get low, it goes on my list. But, I have somehow slacked lately. And, I didn't plan my menu last weekend, so I have pizza dough in the fridge that's been there since Sunday, but because we haven't had any lettuce (or barely any other fresh produce) around this week, I feel totally carbed/breaded out and have no desire to eat pizza.

But that dough won't leave me alone. Every time I open the fridge it stares at me and says, "you better eat me or I'll be food waste." Evil dough, stop pressuring me!

Just because I run out of two things and have to go to the store during the week does not make me a complete domestic failure, right?

I mean, my pantry is still very well stocked.
And so is my freezer.
Yet, I'm feeling all stressed out over a lack of milk and lettuce, etc.

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