Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quest for the best Grocery Store

The best thing about living in Fairfax was that we lived less than a mile from Wegmans. That means we lived less than a mile from Heaven on Earth. Wegmans is awesome! I could go on and on forever. Fresh, local produce. Quality meats. All of their store brand items are great. Good prices. Never long lines!! Incredible prepared foods. You can eat dinner there and have Asian Bar, Sushi, Pizza, a Sub Sandwich, Soup. Wine. Blah-bah-da-dee-da-da. That is my song. I LOVE me some Wegmans.

Well... now, Wegs is 1/2 an hour away. The first weekend we lived here, I tried to shop at Safeway. One of my friends warned me, "It's like shopping in Russia." She was so right! Not good quality, long lines, not many choices, high prices. I was not impressed!

For the past month, I've just done the drive back and forth to Wegmans so I could still shop there, even though it burns like an hour and a half of my weekend. I've also added Aldi to the mix because I'd heard you can save a TON of money shopping there (especially on produce) and I will tell you, that is definitely the case! I couldn't believe what I was able to walk out of there with for $60! But, Aldi isn't convenient either.

Well.... this past Friday, I had another Groupon to spend ($20 for $40 worth of meat at the Springfield Butcher, AMAZING!) and since there was a Trader Joe's in the same shopping center, I decided I would try it out.

I liked it! They don't have everything but they had a lot of fresh, local, whole foods, and I'm wanting to move as much as we can in that direction. I told the guy at the checkout that it was my first time at Trader Joe's and he gave me these!
So, I think it's save to say... I think it's getting pretty serious! :) I will definitely be back!

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pnak said...

trader joe's rocks! try their frozen mangoes (nature's own popsicles) and their cheeses are on point :D