Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones

Saturday morning, I made my first scones! They were a total success. I know this because I can't stop thinking about eating them. Like seriously, I had one this morning, and I think I may get one right after I walk through the door this afternoon. However many steps are between the White House and my pantry... that's exactly the number of steps between me and my next pumpkin scone!

I used another one of Annie's recpies. And, as usual, mine are neither as pretty nor photographed as beautifully. But, they are delicious, none the less. Annie called for butterscotch chips, but I did chocolate instead. Because that's what I had on hand.

And... you have to admit, I get points for my creative cutting of the scones, yes? I used a pizza cutter! Ha.
I also wrapped them individually, so they would be easier for Michael to get to, in hopes that HE would eat more of my goodies! This is mostly so I don't feel like such a fat girl as I notice I'm the only one depleting the baked goods bin's stock...
I actually texted him earlier today to remind him to eat a scone. I hope he did. Because as long as he eats as many as me, I don't have to feel like a fatty! :) That is true, right ladies?


Anonymous said...

Bren hardly ever eats my sweets. I always end up eating the entire pie, cake, batch of cookies, etc. It's frustrating!
Happy birthday by the way!


Anonymous said...

They look really cute all wrapped up like that - great for gifts!