Sunday, October 3, 2010

End of an Era!

Last week, I found out a mere 24 hours before "D-Day" that my Starbucks by the Bureau was going to close. This is one of three STBX that I frequent. It's the one I go to with my coffee buddy from work, Jacob. It's so sad to see it go! All of the Baristas know us there and they fill my mug to just the right place so I don't have to pour any coffee out to add my milk and splenda.

Now, I guess we'll have to walk a little further and go to one of the other stores. Which is probably a good thing (more exercise) but it's sad that we'll no longer have that "I'm running to Starbucks and back real quick" option.
We took "sad" pictures after we got our drinks. Someone said I look like I'm smiling even when I'm frowning. I really am not smiling here, folks!
Jacob looks more mad than sad, and that could be accurate!
And poor Jennifer, she looks like someone just ran over her puppy! What a sad face! So long, 19th and M Starbucks. We will miss you so much. The good news is, all of the employees are keeping their jobs, they're just moving to other stores. Yay.

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