Friday, October 15, 2010

The Craigslist Home Makeover, Complete!

When I'm feeling better, I have to get some pictures of our new place with the good camera so you can see how cute it really is. I love it so much!

Before we moved, we sold almost everything we owned, as far as furniture goes, on Craigslist. We bought all new (used) stuff, also on Craigslist.

We were only missing ONE thing that I still wanted, and earlier this week, thanks to my frequent Craigslist stalking, I finally got it.

Yay. My life is now complete! Well, almost. We still have two things we need to SELL.

First, this really cool antique steamer trunk. It has hangers and drawers and everything. It's really cool, but it's got to go because it's too crowded in here.
And then there's this Hoyer Lift. This is a Class A, Five Star offender of my "I don't want it looking like a hospital/nursing home up in here" rule. I pray this sucker is gone VERY soon. I hope the day never comes that we need another one, but if it does, we'll deal with that then. Right now, the space, sanity, and cash will better benefit us. If you ever pray for me, please just pray that I will always have a strong back. Thanks.

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