Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boring is Good

After re-reading that last post, I've decided that yes, our life is quite boring (at least, during the week) but you know what? I'm actually okay with that. Boring is good. Content. Safe. I like that I can breathe. I like our routine. I look forward to it.

I like coming home after work, making something like Asian Lettuce Wraps (I'm still working my way through my latest Paula Deen magazine, loving every bite!)
And eating it off of a lap tray, sitting next to this guy:
We have a few shows we like to watch together. I have a strict "no science fiction policy" so M knows if he wants to watch anything with aliens, space ships, or unlikely things happening in the skies, he has to do it during the day, while I'm at work.

Right now, we are completely addicted to 24.
Watching 24 has actually even made my job more interesting! I'm always wondering what terrorist plots are currently being monitored and foiled, and just what these people in power know that they're NOT saying in front of the TV cameras.

We also watch NCIS...
And Brothers and Sisters...
(it's during this show M often looks at me during scenes involving Sarah, I'm apparently a lot like her)

Last week, Michael humored me and we watched an episode of Teen Mom at home (this one is my guilty pleasure, and I usually watch it on my own).
These times of just chillin' together are great. Boring is good.

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Robby, Tonja, Caitlin and Marissa said...

Send me your recipe for the lettuce wraps. I love them and it would be cheaper to make them than to eat them at PF Changs!!