Thursday, October 28, 2010


I don't even know where to begin with this one!
Michael and I just spent our first days apart since we got married!! Five whole days!

It was FABULOUS!! I highly recommend getting a break from your spouse, even if you are ooey, gooey in love with them. Because we are ooey, gooey in love, and this break was still AWESOME on so many levels.

I left Thursday, after work, at like 5pm, worst possible time, but oh well!
Friday night, I visited with some dear old friends, the Retels. I can't believe I don't have a pic. :( Boo on that. Paul and Christine Retel were youth leaders at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church when I was a senior in high school, and they were awesome leaders in my life. I used to babysit their kids who at the time were 7, 4 and a baby. Now, Megan and Tyler are in college and baby Caroline is in high school! It was so great to see them!

Then, I spent two nights at my sister's house. I slept in my youngest nephew, Brayden's room. Check it out. It's all camo-ed up!
Brayden is all into the Army now.
I slept surrounded by little Army men.....
They were all pointing guns at me....
Yeah... B is slightly obsessed with the Army right now!
He is also running for President, just so you know.
Make sure you vote for him!

Friday, I visited my co-workers at CBN in Virginia Beach, and got to eat my own birthday cake! Excellent timing there! I also visited one of Michael's high school friends, Amanda, and her two adorable kids, caught up with Renee Midgett again (such a great conversation!) did a little shopping at TJ Maxx (holla!!!!!) and then it was time to "gear up" for my middle nephew, Colby's football game!!
My sister had enough Hickory Hawks sweatshirts and what not for every single member of our family to be wearing the school colors!
T got me into the game for free (shout out) and she is the official football team photographer, so I got to be ON THE FIELD with her, taking pictures. It was such a rush of energy!
It was so cool to be RIGHT THERE as the players ran through the lights and the smoke on to the field.
This is my nephew, Colby!! He got an AWESOME interception during the game, and I thought my family was going to bring the bleachers DOWN! He is literally #1, how cool is that?
More game pics... I was having fun with my camera :)
We had fun rooting from the stands, too.
Colby's team lost the game by one point. It was truly heartbreaking. Family fun back at my sister's house on Friday night, then Saturday morning, my mom and I road-tripped it down to the OBX.

We visited Al! Love this man. Sending him cookies TODAY!
Saturday evening, I went with my mom, Dave, and my sister to Bubbles and Mike's wedding party! It was at the most amazing house I've ever seen in my life! Tracy and I had fun pretending to be real photographers. Here are some of my faves:

Can you tell I much prefer to take pictures of THINGS than people! There were some actual people at this party. Of course, the Bride and Groom, Bubbles and Mike!

Me and the beautiful bride! Bubbles caught my bouquet, so I take full credit for this beautiful marriage! :)
We aren't going to talk about how my mother told me this was "just a backyard party, really casual, there will be Cornhole" so my sister and I wore jeans. And there was cornhole, but there were also white table cloths!! The only other people I saw in jeans were men (they don't count) and a mother of a toddler (also, doesn't count). I was not pleased. But, still managed to shake my groove thing and have a lot of fun. Even my mama was impressed!
Here's my mom and Dave at the party:Don't even get me started on the incredible sunset...
Or this house..
Or this super cute baby!
My sis took this pic of me in front of the sunset.
Don't mind the fact that I was sporting a military style Express shirt and JEANS at this uber-yuppie party!!! (remember, the blame lies with my mother)
Ick. I look incredibly fat here. I am kind of fat right now. I need to work on that!!

Saturday night, the party continued at my Mom and Dave's house. Tracy stayed the night. Dave made an excellent breakfast Sunday morning, then I hit the road to see ANN in Myrtle Beach!!!

It was a long drive, but I enjoyed listening to 99.1 The Sound (the best radio station on the planet) and I hit the drive-thru at Bojangles. Sweeeeet Tea. Check!

Sunday night, I arrived at Ann's parents just in time for Pizza!
Monday, Ann and I did something we used to do all the time - we went shopping :)
Myrtle Beach has some awesome outlets!!
BIG HAIR ALERT!!!! Haha, gotta love the south!
We had lunch with Ann's parents at a good Tex Mex place, then more shopping!
I did more shopping than Ann. I think she was all shopped out by the time I got to her! It was a lot of fun, because for the past 2 years, I have not bought very many new clothes, so it was a lot of fun buying new stuff. Stuff that is actually "in style," haha! I used to buy new clothes pretty much every weekend, so now that I don't... when I awaken the shopping beast, she can be kind of fierce! I did some damage. I also bought Michael a new coat, and some little 'prizes' so it wasn't completely selfish!

Sunday night, we went out to dinner with Ann's parents. And I wore some of my new clothes :)
Then... I watched (and fell asleep and drooled a little) as Ann and her mom packed her suitcase for her trip back to Thailand. Waaaaahhhh!!!!
I admire Ann in the highest way. I watched her sell everything she owned at a yard sale (including her car) to to serve Jesus as a missionary in Thailand. I pray for her every day. I can hear the excitement in her voice in each e-mail I get from her about a new believer. This woman walks the walk. I look up to her in so many ways. Yet, she's still human. And she's human with me. I'm so honored to call her my best friend. And, the 8 hours back and forth to see her for just a day was worth a million bucks. It was a special time. I miss her so much! LOVE YOU, ANN BOSHA!

By Sunday night, the newness and freedom of being 'just me' had worn off. I did enjoy the drive down by myself, not having to worry about driving that far with M in the car, worrying about if he was comfortable, whining that I had to drive, that I had to get the food, and pump the gas, ohhhh poor me, whaaa, whaaa... blah, blah. I enjoyed not having to pick him up and get him from here to there and load the chair and all that. My back was thankful for the break! I didn't have to research every place I was going to survey it for steps, wide enough doorways, etc. It was easier. I could just be me. Surrounded by people who love me and who I love and it was great.

But yeah.... by Sunday night. I was MISSING MY MAN!!!! I was ready for all of the responsibilities to be back. I was ready to be in his arms, on his lap, snuggled up beside him in bed. I missed his touch, his laugh, his BLUE EYES.

We were at the point where we were texting each other pictures of ourselves. Sad. Right? Sad.
Monday morning, first thing, I got up, said my goodbye to Ann, and hit the rainy road.
95 was only slightly mean to me. I made it home by dinner time. My car crossed over 30,000 miles and I was bored enough to photograph it...

I got home to a house cleaner that I left it!!! And chicken in the crock pot!!! My mother-in-law gets the MIL of the year award!!!! My man was at Target getting some groceries when I first got home. I got unpacked. We exchanged "missed you" gifts. I took a shower. And we snuggled up to watch some more 24.... like nothing ever happened.

I was so happy that night to be back in my bed. There was so much planning that went into making that trip possible (thank you to my family and Michael's family for juggling money, time, etc. for us!!!) that I wondered if I would do it again. Now that I'm on the other side, I would say, definitely YES. It was refreshing to get away. And awesome to come back.