Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving Memory

Life is made up of all of these little experiences we have each day. There's so much in *regular* days that I just want to remember.

We take pictures on Christmas and other holidays and on Birthdays. And those memories are great, don't get me wrong.

But so are the other days. The days that when we wake up that morning, we have no idea that we're going to experience something we want to remember.

Like this.
Okay, so maybe he's being slightly dramatic. But my poor husband was seriously surrounded by boxes and packing materials! This was just days before we were scheduled to move and we needed a ton more boxes! We had already cleaned out the free boxes from our local Uhaul, so we were checking Craigslist and driving around town, literally picking up boxes out of peoples' trash on the curb! Haha.

We were stuck in traffic when I checked my beloved Craigslist again (sorry Oprah, I wasn't texting and driving, my vehicle was stopped!) and saw that someone had just posted an ad for free boxes, dozens of them! I replied and we headed straight there. I jammed those boxes in and all around my vehicle in every available inch of space! Michael and I couldn't even see each other as I drove home.

It was pretty funny. But it's a great memory because it's such a picture of our teamwork and God's provision. Wouldn't you know, much like we had more than enough help moving... we also had more than enough boxes!

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