Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Metro

I am actually a big fan of the DC Metro system. I take it to and from work every day. And we just moved across town so we could live super close to a metro station. It's clean (unlike the NYC Subway), it is expensive, but it's convenient and generally reliable.

They do have issues with escalators and elevators, however.

I personally am freaked out when the escalators aren't working. Now, I will hop on and ride a working escalator with moving steps with no problem. But the second it's not working and just turns into a staircase, I am freaked out! I feel dizzy looking down at my feet, and I'm afraid I'm going to fall!

I love this guy's rap about the Metro. Check it out.

Michael and I have to be vigilant about checking the status of the elevators, because that can make or break our trip. Recently, we were going to go to a Sunday night "All Church Celebration" at the Lincoln Theater in DC. I checked the status of the elevator that morning, it was good to go. Then, that afternoon, after we had walked all the way to the station, and got downstairs we heard on the intercom that the U Street Station elevator was down. So was the one at the next stop. So, we would have had to walk like 10 blocks and I knew there was no way we would ever make it to this church service on time. We tried to go, but I'm just going to lay this out there for you folks. I had a total anxiety attack and cried like a baby on the train! Thankfully there wasn't anyone around except for my husband, who was trying to be encouraging and enduring. But I just couldn't handle it. Realities like this sometimes smack me in the face, and it's so much more than an elevator that's not working. I feel like it's the entire universe conspiring against us, to keep us from having a "normal" life, and I hate it. We ended up just going back home. We ended up having a good night, just being together. But it was still sad. And metro elevator outages still make me mad. Ugh.

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