Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Please sing the Fergie song as you read the title to this blog entry. Thanks.
My job covering the White House has some glamorous moments...
like when I got to go to my first Presidential News Conference a couple of weeks ago, and I got to sit in the THIRD ROW, a new personal best! It was pretty sweet.

But there are also times when I run into things like this at the White House...
Glamour, baby!

The good news is they have finally made a Barbie modeled after me.
Here I am covering the White House...
Yeah RIGHT. We all know if that Barbie was me, she'd have un-perfect hair, and she'd be wearing flip-flops!

Some other funny scenes from my work adventures lately. I got to stalk out the Duggars! I think I counted a grand total of 16 Duggars spotted. I did respect the wishes of their bodyguard and I did not interview them, but I did keep count. And I did run in to a bunch of them when they were eating dinner at McDonald's!
I scored a sweet behind-the-scenes-exclusive interview spot at one event recently... and forgot to take ANY pictures. How does that happen? I did get a co-worker to take a picture of me with some giant coffee filters I found in a hotel kitchen.

Ha! I need those suckers in my house, yo! I think my blue suit is very Hillary Clinton-esque, don't you? It's not a pant suit, by the way. It's a skirt. And the skirt currently does not fit, but we aren't going to talk about that. We're going to talk about Hillary Clinton.
I recently covered a big speech she gave. As you can see, this was another highly glamorous assignment, in which I sat in a room and watched Hillary Clinton on a giant TV, giving a speech. I did notice how fabulous she looked, though. And I even dedicated a Facebook status to her fabulousness. Then, the next week... this happened.
Girlfriend wore her hair up in a clip at the UN! Um.... now, we all own these clips. But they are generally appointed to such tasks as pinning the hair back during face washing, or pulling the hair up while one watches TV in the comfort of their own home after a hard day's work. At first, I thought, no, this can't be... someone snapped a photo of Hill at an extremely unfortunate time.
But... no, she was definitely just rocking that clip. One one hand, I applaud her. On the other hand, I have to wonder, was it really that bad? But then again, ladies, if you know the feeling of a bad hair day, sometimes you really are THAT done. So, maybe she was.

Another horrific thing that can happen is being 'upshot' in a photo. I mean, even Michelle Obama, who is beautiful, and elegant, and buff, can end up looking like this, when the photo is upshot.
This post probably seemed a little random. Forget seemed, it was. But I have these thoughts, I have to put them out there somewhere. So, there you go.

Glamorous, baby.

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