Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Job

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.
Am I really seeing this stuff with my own eyes? Am I really taking pictures in the Rose Garden with my iPhone?
Am I really hearing the President of the United States with my own ears?
Next week, I'll mark one year since I started this job. I never, ever would have thought this would have been the path for my career. But God's ways are higher than ours, right?

He gave me my dream. I am loving it. What an incredible year!

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Coffee Mom said...

Dana, Jimmy and I have been watching The West Wing on DVD - we just finished the first season and started the second - and when I watch it I always think of you and how cool you are to be working right in the midst of all of that! I used to love to go visit my mom when she worked for the House of Representatives. D.C. is so awesome. I miss it!! And I'm very happy that you are living your dream. God is so good! :)