Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Courtyard Date Night

Life definitely got crazy that last week before we moved. There were boxes everywhere. I was running all over town picking up new furniture. (New to us, we sold almost everything and got all "new" stuff of of Craigslist!)

Home cooked meals were non-existent. And time together was almost non-existent.

One night, Michael ordered pizza and after picking it up outside from the pizza guy, he just stayed in the courtyard at our old apartment complex. I was on my way home, we talked, and I stopped at a gas station and got a Diet Coke and a Dr. Pepper and we had a quiet little date night in that courtyard.

We didn't soak that courtyard up for all that it could have been. It's totally one of those things that impresses you when you go on the "you should move here" apartment tour, but when you actually live there, life gets in the way of spending any time out there.

But, I'm glad we did it. Even if it meant sharing a pizza box as a plate. It was actually a very nice, much needed Date Night!

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