Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Taste Buds Will Love this Salad

(iPhone photos don't do food justice)
This week, I was feeling like we needed to eat some salad! Too much pasta and bread, you know? That stuff weighs you down if you eat too much! So, I threw together a salad and I have to say I was impressed with myself freestyling with no recipe!

The salad had:

Romaine lettuce
Baby Spinach
Chicken (just cooked in a skillet with some olive oil, S&P)
Feta Cheese
Roasted Red Peppers (cooked in the oven doused in olive oil, herbs *I use Wegman's Basting Oil because it's already ready to go*)
Feta Cheese
Pecans (I did mix these with a little butter and brown sugar and chopped 'em up...)

I tossed all that together just with the oil from cooking and some Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing and viola!

YUMMY!! We are definitely re-doing this one again, hopefully soon! Note: We had leftovers in the fridge the next day and the taste was even better!

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