Friday, June 4, 2010


The absolute HIGHLIGHT of May, was, hands down, our vacation!!! We spent an entire week away. Other than the wedding/honeymoon, I have never taken a full week of work off! I know, workaholic, right?

This trip was SO. WORTH. IT. First we road tripped it down to Myrtle Beach, SC to hang out with Michael's family. It was a super long drive, but it was fun. We made it fun. Always helps to have some Poppy Cock :) Then, on the way back to VA from there, we drove up the coast and hung with my mom and Dave for a couple of nights in Nags Head, NC. Love that place, hello!!!

For me, this vacation will go down in history as the week that we...
sat in the sand together...
swam in the pool together...
and rode on the boat together.

These are no small feats for us, people! These are all three things that I hold dear to my heart and feared we wouldn't really ever be able to fully enjoy together!! So... this vacation was OFF THE CHARTS as far as fulfilling and rewarding and relaxing and encouraging!

Major kudos to Michael's "little" brother, Jarred, who literally picked him up and carried him onto the beach for our family pictures, and carried him (nicely) into the pool so we could swim. No matter how strong I get, I won't be able to carry my husband like that, so it means the world to me that his brother did so we could enjoy these special moments together.
We had a blast with Jarred and Crystal and Brody and Grey in Myrtle Beach. They are a rock star family!
Would you look at Greyson???? He is so big and so cute and cuddly!! I loved holding him. Too bad it totally made my ovaries hurt and I do not have time for that right now! :) I think I'm at that age where I should really stop holding babies!
We enjoyed a night out at the Crocodile Rocks dueling piano bar. Those are so fun! You have to go, if you haven't ever been. Those guys are so talented, and it's so entertaining!
It was also so sweet hanging out with Michael's parents - just laughing, and eating, and relaxing, and eating, and watching them bank some quality grandparent time!!
Check out all the Mrs. Ritters!
Then... it was off to Nags Head to see my crazy family... a.k.a party time!!!
Michael encountered his first soft shell crab...
And... conquered it.
My mama liked that! We are a seafood loving family! Glad to welcome this Arkansas boy to the bunch! :)
The next day, we took their boat, "Go With the Flo 2" cruising on the Sound. Dave and I just slid Michael right on the boat, wheelchair and all! It was super liberating for my mother. I totally understand the feeling.
My annual picture of my mom and Dave on the boat:
And, my annual picture of Dave driving the boat. (You can almost hear my mother in the background, "Dave, Dave! Do you see that boat? Dave, Dave, do you see that crabpot?"
Dave made us an awesome dinner, of course. My mom "helped cook," always a sight to see! :)
And I got 47 mosquito bites. Thanks to my hunny for covering me up.
Oh, the joys of vacation! It was an incredible trip, y'all!!!! I so want to go back, RIGHT NOW.

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Jamie Goodwin said...

Those moments on the sand, in the boat, and in the pool are precious. People just don't have a clue as to how much work it is to share those things with your spouse and family. I LOVE to swim and look forward to the pool every summer. Just wish I could get in easier :) I'm happy you guys had a wonderful vacation!