Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pool Days

I love summer. LOVE it. Like I dream about it all Winter, I get nervous when it first comes... butterflies in my stomach and the whole bit. We write love letters.... la dee da. LOVE ME SOME SUMMER!

I really, really miss living at the beach. But, I have gotten used to doing my Sun-worshipping by the pool. I'm actually fine with it. And I am now officially old enough to enjoy "adult swim."
It looks like someone is ready for a pedicure!! (hope to get another one SOON, we'll see if there is funding for that...)
I totally covet this girl's (I'm assuming it's a girl... but maybe I shouldn't!) porch. Look at all of that glorious plant life, and it's thriving! I want to have a porch like this one day!

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