Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grocery Store Cheater

I have been a FAITHFUL Wegmans girl since moving out here to Fairfax. Before, I was semi-faithful at Harris Teeter when I lived in Arlington (they're just so expensive!) But.... HT sent me some $10 off coupons for a $50 grocery purchase... so I am game for cheating for the couple of weeks that these coupons run. The key to shopping at Harris Teeter is watching the sales! I only buy what is Buy One, Get One Free. You can't do much better than that when it comes to a sale, right? Yesterday, even though I was out of sale grocery store practice (I still use coupons at Wegmans, but they don't have "sales" per se) I managed to spend only $50 and rack up $35 in coupon savings! I am awesome.

And... for the second week in a row I actually remembered the reusable grocery bags! This is the only two times in my life I have ever remembered to actually take them inside and everything. This is progress, people! I'm pretty sure I deserve some sort of environmental award or something!

Note: I'm not a horrible plastic bag polluter. I promise I don't go and throw them in the river or anything. We use them in the bathroom trash cans and occasionally to pick up doggy waste.

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