Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We had a great Easter Sunday. Church was great. "It's Friday... but Sunday's coming!" Gets us fired up, every time! We are so thankful for the sacrifice Christ made on Good Friday, and incredibly grateful that he rose again on Sunday to give us all new life!! Aren't you?!?!

Easter will always be a special holiday for us because it's when we really "met" for the first time, "in person." I was compelled, somehow, to get out of the generally cautious, pre-planned mindset that I'm usually in, and I took a big risk Easter weekend of 2007 and got on a plane in Pittsburgh, PA and eventually ended up in Nacogdoches, TX, where it SNOWED. That should have been a sign from God, right there, that this was anything but ordinary!
I think this may very well be our first photo together! It's framed on my desk at work :)
I don't think either of the two people in that photo had any idea that three years later, they'd be waking up to this:
Easter gifts, yippee! I gave M an iTunes card and six Snickers eggs, I have only eaten one so far. He gave me my favorite perfume, Clinique's Happy In Bloom. The bottle I bought for that TX visit in 2007 just ran out a couple of months ago, so it was a perfect gift.

We had our friends Ginger, Victor and Caleb over for lunch. Ginger and Victor made this fabulous lamb recipe with this awesome sauce we ended up eating all week. After we ate, we went on a walk together and took some family pictures.
Don't the pups look great! Love those tongues!

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