Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

Was it two weekends ago already that we went to see the Cherry Blossoms? Craziness. Life flies when you're in love, eh?I always wanted to drive to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms. I never actually saw them until I moved here three years ago. I strapped a backpack on Brokaw and we hiked down to the Tidal Basin. It was fun, but a certain someone wasn't there, and I remember talking to him on the phone as B and I were walking around, feeling empty. NOT THIS YEAR! Michael and I enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms in full newlywed style, baby! We packed our picnic basket we got as a wedding gift and everything. A huge thank you, by the way, to whoever gave that to us. We aren't sure who it was but it was so much fun eating on the little dishes and then rolling everything back up into that backpack and strapping it on the back of M's chair. I like things I don't have to carry :)

We ate some pretty awesome tuna salad sandwiches (gotta add lots of Paprika to your tuna salad, trust me! And apples, yumo!) and cheese, turkey pepperoni and crackers. Sparkling Cider, too. Mmm.It was a beautiful Friday and we enjoyed walking around and taking pictures of the blossoms and taking it all in. It was our first time to the Jefferson Memorial. I want to go back at night, because I've heard it's beautiful at night. We enjoyed reading the quotes on the walls and conversing about how much of a progressive TJ really was. (yes we're nerds! Want more proof? Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson! yes, I know for a fact today is his birthday, Google it.)
You think my husband could get his own memorial? He makes a good statue.
What a glorious date day! So glad we get to enjoy all of this stuff together now. We're so blessed to live close to the city. So much fun free stuff to do! :)

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Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

did you know they changed some of the quotes in his memorial...apparently there is a book out about it?? i thought this was something i learned a few years ago? let me know if i am wrong?
love all the pics! you guys are fun to read about on your blog. :-)