Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping Days!

One of my (Dana) favorite past times is, like any girl, shopping! I haven't done much of it (other than groceries or household essentials) since we got married, though, because we are living on a budget.

This month, though, I had a couple of good excuses to shop, so it's been fun!

This was my expression as I dropped the dogs off to be groomed and I went shopping for dresses for the correspondents dinners.
Brokaw and Princess weren't as amused. On my first shopping trip, I spent all day walking around Tyson's Corner with my good friend, Becky.
Here's a little scoop on that shopping day: Becky did not buy that yellow number above. Thank God, or she would have looked like little bird. And we may or may not have used the handicapped parking hang tag to park at the mall because Becky may or may not have been temporarily disabled by a little-too-intense spinning class instructor that morning before we ate Thai (shout out Ann) for lunch.

I actually struck out that day, then found a blue dress at TJ Maxx and ended up chickening out the night of the Radio Television Correspondents' Dinner and wore a dress I've had for a few years. I'll probably take the blue dress back to TJ Maxx and get something else :) I am my mother's daugther, bigtime!

Look at this pic, I am so short.

My whole point in this post was going to be about how Michael is like my life line when I'm trying to choose a dress for an occasion like this or a new suit for work. But.... my iPhone can't find a connection in here and the pictures I was going to post to tell that part of the story (I'm a TV producer, people, I think in images!) won't load. Grr.

I guess you'll just have to trust me. M gives good fashion advice and his compliments make me feel like a million bucks! This morning, I left for work with no makeup on and he made it a point to tell me how beautiful I was! That, my friends, is love.

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