Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Company on A Tough Day

This weekend we ran into one of those unexpected hurdles that comes with the whole paralysis gig. On top of that, Dana's phone died and we needed to go shopping. Now, we usually do pretty well keeping up with life's demands, but this box of monkey wrenches definitely clogged up our New Year. Even yesterday Dana ended up sticking around the house because the night before was miserable. Really cheery -- right?

A few days being pitiful in bed makes us both stir crazy. Monday we eventually got up and at 'em, dogs bathed, hooked up Mike's smart phone for Dana, and hit the shopping. A fresh episode of Brothers and Sisters and dinner w/ dessert and we hit the hay. When we finally settled into sleep Dana realized, "this is the most time we've spent together since our honeymoon."

It isn't the perfect little life, but the love we share and encouragement from family and friends that get us through the tough days.

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ruth said...

love that you watch brothers & sisters...we LOVE it!