Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our first married Christmas was a blast!  We road tripped it (in the snow - White Christmas!) down to NC to see M's family.  I always love seeing them because they are all so sweet and I'm just completely surrounded by that deep southern accent, and what doesn't sound sweeter through that accent, right?  

Michael and I exchanged presents Christmas Eve and read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, that's now our tradition and I love it!  Christmas morning, we packed the SUV, you should see all that we take with us when we travel for just one night, it's obscene.  Pretty much need a U-Haul trailer.  The "granny cart" is a total must when packing/unpacking the car.

We had an awesome dinner.  Tonja made these little green bean things wrapped in bacon that I'm drooling over just remembering.  And I finally got to taste that Dirt Cake and Butterfinger Delight, and boy am I glad for that!  Bonus - we got to take quite a bit home and enjoyed it all week.

M and I rocked the night away playing Rock Band with Caitlin and Shanhui Xu (their Chinese foreign exchange student - another cute, sweet accent!!).  It was such a blast!!  You know I loved playing the drums, even if I never advanced past the "beginner" level! Haha.  I loved hearing M sing and Caitlin was cracking me up, she's such a pro - she's got the rocker posture and everything!

Seeing the little ones, Marissa, Brody & Grey was awesome too.  Love those little people.

Here are a few pictures.. and I edited a video of our first Christmas Season (I know, totally yupped out but I have no shame.  I own like 8 scarves and I bought M one for Christmas, whatever!)  I hope y'all enjoy:

Love to all of you!

DSC_0163 No denying this family resemblance!

DSC_0171 Pops is a man after my own heart... devouring some of my homemade cinnamon bread :)  And this man almost always has a cup of coffee in his hand! Gotta love that!

DSC_0180 The girls rocking out!

DSC_0188 Get a load of this crooner!! This is now the wallpaper on my laptop, I don't even remember what he was singing but he was into it! :)

DSC_0233 And look at M's concentrating face here.  Haha.  I'm glad no one snapped a picture of me, I'm sure mine was worse!  It gave me such joy that M was able to fully participate in Rock Band.  Last year, we played Wii and he was just sitting back telling everyone else what to do, haha.  But thankfully, yours truly thought of sticking the drumsticks down in his gloves so he could "hold" them.  I think it was a pretty good workout too! :)  Haha.  FUN!

DSC_0196 Crystal always looks like a celebrity.  And Greyson, don't even get me started.  I love him, he's the cutest little chunk on the planet.  And you should hear his baby laugh!!! Aaaahh, nothing like the sound of a baby laughing!

DSC_0216 Marissa is so domestic.  

DSC_0220 Brody rocking out to the Chipmunks on his new walkman.

19668_224208663787_695953787_3023248_4430750_n We had an awesome first married Christmas!  I'm such a lucky girl.

Here's our cheesy, yuppy Christmas video:

 If you want to watch more videos like this, and read the latest from us.. check out OUR NEW BLOG!!  We'll be documenting our lives over the next year at:

Love you all.

Happy New Year!

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