Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Bread

I am happy to report... my first bread baking endeavor was a success!!

I rocked out the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (one of the reasons I got married haha) dough hook.  That thing was amazing! Did all of the work for me!

I followed the "easy" recipe for White Bread that came in the mixer's cookbook and.... tada!

December09 021 Here are my loaves, pre-refrigerating and baking.  One was pretter than the other.  So typical, right?

December09 023 And... here they are all finished!  I got up early Sunday morning and baked while every other living creature in my house (Michael, Princess, Katy and Brokaw) slept.  It was glorious! LOVE my morning alone time! :)

December09 024 We have already devoured one loaf.  It is very yummy! Makes awesome garlic toast!  Today, I'm having a sandwich on it.  Yay, me.  I accomplished a goal!  I hope to become quite the baker.

Oh, if you want the recipe, here you go.

I must give myself full credit for being a baking machine this weekend!  I asked M what kind of cookies he wanted.. he said.. out of nowhere.. Peanut Butter with M&Ms. 

You got it.

December09 017 Those were yummy, too.  A little crunchy, though.  I had enough dough to freeze a roll of dough, looking forward to pulling that down one day!  I'm making dreams come true all over the place, haha.

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