Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Documents

Another super fun thing that Michael and I did over the Thanksgiving weekend was making a trip to the National Archives.  It was a biggie on my list of free things we need to do in DC before we don't live here anymore.  Not that we're planning on not living here anymore, don't start anything!  It's just... well, you know how it is... when you live near the beach, you never go.  When you live near the National Archives, where the most important documents upon which our NATION is built live.  I'm talking the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS, people!  You don't go.

Unless you make a point of it.  So glad we did!

November09 105 Hi Archives!

November09 107 You are so pretty in the Autumn sunlight!

 November09 106 Nothing turns me on like the Declaration of Independence!  haha.. nerd love is so sweet, ain't it?

November09 108 This is a copy.

November09 109 This is the ACTUAL thing!  So incredibly cool to read the words of our Founding Fathers, in the ink they used and on the paper they used.  It was sadly very blurry, despite the amazing preservation technology... but hey, If I were 200 something years old, I might not look so hot, either!

November09 112 We've got the whole world behind us! Haha.  My puffy vest is making me look pregnant, I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth, thank God! Back to having the whole world behind us... even though this is a horrible picture, the symbolism is beautiful.  We really do have that, and it's amazing.

I highly recommend visiting the National Archives for any of you who live around here or will be visiting.  Don't be discouraged by the lines out front!  It's totally worth it.

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