Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, Hi. Saturday morning! You still exist?

Waaaay back in my single days, you know, like 2 months ago... I used to LOVE my Saturday mornings.  You remember, that's when some of my best blogs would be churned out.  After sleeping for like 12 hours, I'd get up way before the rest of the world, brew a fresh cup of coffee, have some nice snuggle time with the pets, and clean my house.  Oh, it was the best!

My blissful, quiet, alone time Saturday mornings have seriously been far and few between since getting married.  I realized not long into this thing how important my "alone time" was.  But, it's just so darned difficult to carve out when there are responsibilities all over the place, you know?

But right now, RIGHT NOW... I am here.  And I'm having a classic Saturday morning.  I made a fresh pot of coffee, just the way I like it, super strong.  I poured it into my big red coffee mug, put whipped cream and caramel sauce on top, got my favorite blanket (shout out Ann, your college comforter!), a couple of cookbooks, obviously, my laptop, and I'm snuggled up with Katy Kitty on my lap as I type this by the light of an awesome smelling Yankee candle.  Brokaw and Princess are sleeping.  So is Michael,  or, he may just be laying there giving me "my time."  Either way, I'm soaking this up!

It's still rainy and dreary outside and that just makes me want to read and write and drink coffee.  I think I have about half an hour.  So, bye!  I'm thinking about trying to bake some bread today.  Do you think I can do it?  I'm oh so inspired all the time by the pics on The Frugal Girl's blog, but I've always been intimidated... Deep breath....

We'll see if there's time later today after we run errands.  Thank God we already cleaned the house! I love waking up to an already clean house on Saturday morning.  It's like a head start.  Nothing like a head start.

Really? Now I'm rambling... let me get back to doing nothing.  Hope you all have relaxing weekends!

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ann said...

Glad to know that college comforter is still being used. I love that blanket. Glad you had a good Saturday morning.