Monday, November 9, 2009

I missed it!!!!

I am a news animal.  I always want to be where the BIG story is.  Seriously.  I cried the other night because I wanted so badly to be on a plane to Texas.

Get what happened last week.  Was it Thursday? Yes, Thursday.  Thousands of people were going to be at this big "House Call on Capitol Hill" to protest the Democrats' health care bill.  I'm usually at the White House.  Which I LOVE.  For real, it's a dream come true, not trying to sound cheesy here, but it just is.  But, when my boss asked me if I had time to go field produce from the Hill for the House Call, I was like "Yesssss."  I just knew that was the "big story" for that day, so I wanted so badly to be in the middle of it.

Yay.  I was happily doing interviews, and blogging from the Hill.  We had great elements for a package, la dee da.

November09 004

THEN.  I got back to the office and my friends told me the news.  Obama showed up at the briefing today.  I was like, Are You Freaking Kidding Me???  I was just wondering when he was going to show up and surprise the press corps and I was thinking about how I should be carrying my camera in there just in case it happens one day.... and it happens on the ONE DAY I missed the briefing.  Arghh!!!

Later that afternoon, I was reading the transcript of the briefing and it broke my heart all over again:  :( Boo.  Barry, please come back to me.

THE PRESIDENT:  Hey!  Hello, everybody.  Please sit down.  Good afternoon, everybody.  I wanted to come down and just talk a little bit about health care before Robert gives his regular briefing.

AFPObamabriefing Photo Credit: AFP

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