Friday, November 13, 2009

Eat Your Hearts Out

To all of my friends whose husbands do nothing to help you out around the house... Read it and weep!  Show this to your man, then make him get off his duff and pitch in.  'Cause if my man can do it.....

November09 035 Look at my Michael hard at work!  This boy knows his way around a mop and a mop bucket.  (note Brokaw "supervising," more like pondering the next place he will pee/poop to destroy said clean floors)  Thankfully! And no, I am not a quadriplegic slave driver!  He actually said while beginning to mop last night that he either "likes" or "loves" mopping! Wouldn't want to botch the quote... This is such a huge help to me around the house.  You have no idea.  Mopping 1100 something square feet of living space you share with three pets is a JOB!  Thank you, Babe!  Tell all your friends who this gets in trouble they need to step it up anyway!

In Other News around our house...  Brokaw is *pretty much* sleeping in his own bed!  It's been about two weeks of "go to your spot" (he's also tied up with a leash in a way that he couldn't possibly jump in our bed, but we won't dwell on that) and Mr. Puggles is getting the hang of things.

November09 031 Sorry about the crazy flash eyes.  And the fact that it looks like my dog has crack nails.

November09 034 Of course, Princess Perfection didn't require any begging to snuggle up in her "dog bed" at all.

That's all from me for the week.  My brain hurts! Not from my not-even-on-a-fifth-grade-level blog posts, but from writing stories at work about Afghanistan policy,stem cell research and minutae of the health care bills.  Oooouuch.  I'm so ready to sit on the couch and watch something like The Food Network or College Football... you know, something you don't have to think about.  If you are looking to have some sort of intellectually stimulating conversation this weekend, don't call me!  I'm fried.



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Rebecca said...

way to go mike! that is hilarious and i am sure his momma is proud!
that is funny about brokaw!