Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, Tuesday

I have never been a fan of Tuesday.  A friend pointed out why.  Because on Monday, you're like, ugh.. it's Monday, but it is what it is, you know?  Then by Wednesday, you're well on your way to the weekend.  Thursday breezes by, Friday is celebrated, then the work week is over.

But Tuesday.  UGH. Tuesday is like that long chapter 2 that drags on, but you have to read through it, or the rest of the book, which could very well be amazing, won't make sense.

So, dear friends, Happy Tuesday!

I had another great weekend!!  It was super fun, and productive and I got to do something I now really, really treasure - sit on my BUTT and relax!  Listen to this weekend recap and please follow with applause for our amazing productivity.

Friday night, dinner at Wegmans and grocery shopping and we actually stuck within our budget of $60 for the week.  I think the Frugal Girl would be proud!  We are really making progress in the food department.  We got a good night's sleep, got up Saturday morning and cleaned the entire apartment - top to bottom!  LOVE that feeling!

Saturday afternoon, Michael threw me a birthday party at Lucky's.  It was so much fun to see friends, eat really bad-for-you food and watch football.  THEN... we ventured out in the RAIN and went shopping.  It had been a while since I had visited my good friend, Ann Taylor (Loft).  So, we went there, then to the mall.  In the end, I had a new suit, a new argyle cardigan, another pair of pants and a cute jacket!  I felt like a million bucks driving home.  Hadn't felt like that in a while.  I forgot (or maybe I just never realized) just how much I love shopping!!!  Too bad I have such an obsessive, addictive personality!  But, that's okay, everything in moderation, right? :)

I definitely appreciate it more now that I don't do this every other Friday!  Plus, since I've lost more weight, it's certainly a lot more fun to by clothes in a smaller size.  Whenever I leave a store with a single digit sized item that I bought because it fits and it looks cute and not because it kind of fits or might fit one day so I'm buying it because it's on sale... that, my friends is a victory!

I think that's like my second "my friends" I've said in this post - sorry friends! I don't mean to go all John McCain in my posts. 

Sunday was church, then I got to watch the ENTIRE STEELERS GAME!! I literally sat down for three whole hours - that hasn't happened since I don't know when - months ago!!  It was pure bliss.  I made a good dinner and we just enjoyed being together.  I love being married. 

In Other News... I've been absolutely, categorically HORRIBLE at remembering to take pictures lately!  I am a complete failure at documenting the first year of our marriage.  I need to be better about that.

Especially because I want to be a more faithful blogger, and I just don't feel like it's interesting unless I have pictures.

Here are a couple of pictures to put up for pictures sake, but that have no real significance:

October09 021 I love that there's a STBX across the street from my new office.  I can be there and back in a flash!  Did you know if you get a Starbucks card and go online and register it, you get a coupon for your Birthday for a free drink!!?!?!! DO IT.

October09 024 And in keeping with my tradition of if you give me something sweet, you get a blog shout-out tradition.  Shout out to Jacob today for giving me this maple leaf cookie on a stick with a honey maple center.  I'm pretty sure my dentist will find part of that center on my teeth when I go in a couple of weeks but it sure was wonderful! Thanks.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.  Tomorrow's Wednesday!

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Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

Good job spending only $60! I haven't done that in forever. Which might have something to do with the fact that I have four kids. lol