Friday, October 16, 2009

Heart Warmer

I have a firm belief that if you are prepared.. you can handle just about anything.  Case in point: Thursday vs. Friday.

Thursday... I stormed out of the house in a grumpy hurry, minus the proper gear to handle the weather of the day.  I was cold and wet ALL DAY.  And it was a busy day, I was on Capitol Hill for 4 separate events/press conferences!

I attempted to cheer myself up with a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from STBX, but my friends, they don't have them anymore!!! Heartbreaking, right?  So, I bailed.  I did buy myself a cup of regular coffee from the House cafeteria, and that was the best $1.60 I've spent all week!  But, by the end of the day, as I was standing at the bus stop in the cold, windy rain, I was OVER IT.

But what did I come home to?  Enter, my wonderful husband.  I obviously know he is great, since I married him and all... but last night, he was my hero.  Every girl loves a hero, right? 

Get this: I walk in the door... and there's a blanket on the couch and coffee in the microwave FOR ME.  Then, for the first time in 6 weeks other than the times we've been out** I didn't have to lift a finger to get dinner ready!  My Michael heated up our leftovers, and brought everything to me on the couch, as I sat there under the blanket! 

HERO!  I tell you, hero.  I was finally dry, and warm and warmed from the inside out!  This morning, I still couldn't stop thinking about how he had served me and how nice it felt.  What a treat.

**I have to make a note here for clarification.  Michael would make dinner for me every day if he could, I know this. (Well, maybe not every day, he is a man!)  And it's one of those things... I'm used to getting the meals ready, etc. because it's just generally easier and faster if I do it.  And it's not all work!  I receive great joy from putting a hot plate of goodness down on the table in front of my husband!  I honestly never expected him to serve me dinner.  Ever.  But wow... it was awesome!

Now... he just may be the king of the leftovers.  Watch out!  See, this is what happens when he shows me he's figured out how to do something... he signs himself up for more work!  I love you, Babe! :)


This morning, I was READY for the elements!  I wore a sweater, a long coat, a scarf, and these:

October09 017 I wasn't quite sure if I had what it takes to pull these puppies off... or if I would just look like a clown... but upon walking in the door at work this morning, I received 3 compliments.  Whew. 

October09 016 And, I'm working on this.  I filled a bottle with coffee this morning and re-heated it upon my arrival in the newsroom.

Never mind the fact that my heart is still warm and fuzzy from last night.

And it's FRIDAY, yay! And my mom and Dave are coming to visit this weekend, double yay!

Oh, P.S. - one of the events I was at yesterday was the kick off of "Girls Rock the House," and Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was totally rocking some Chuck Taylors.  Proof:

Img004 I took this picture with my phone, so it's pretty bad, but you get the idea!  I'm pretty sure if a powerful Congresswoman can sport these puppies in the rain, I'm good with the clown boots! 

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ann said...

Can I just say that those shoes with her suit are absolutely terrible!!! I don't know what the weather was that day but really please bring a change of shoes before being photographed!
I like your boots--very cute.!