Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Wedding Shtuff...

I spent most of my time outside of work and work and traveling and traveling... getting my craft groove on, preparing for the wedding.

Here are some of the fruits of my labor:

July09 087

Hand tied programs.

Thank you for your help Jason, Gretchen & Michael.

And Microsoft... for my free trial of Publisher..

July09 088

150 little boxes of salt water taffy, for favors.

My little hands have been so busy for the past 3 months.. they should look 85 years old.

July09 089

Chinese take-out boxes for left over cupcakes.

Ain't these cute?

July09 090

Champagne toasting flutes.. hand painted.

Yes, I used the word hand again..

August09 007

Out of town bags to welcome our guests to the OBX!

August09 036

Kinda blurry... but here are examples of the table numbers and place cards.

It's getting so close, yay!  And everything is falling into place.  Let me just tell you that my mother is amazing.  The tropics better cooperate.

And I need to spend every moment from now until the wedding that I'm not working/painting/moving/driving/crafting working on our slideshow/video.

Major countdown mode!

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