Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am the kind of person who can't get anything done unless it is first written on a list of some sort.  I mean it.  Pretty much everything.  It's amazing that I remember to breathe, etc. without writing that on a list!

Post-it notes are some of my best friends!  I kid you not.  I once got a bag full of post-it notes as a going away gift!

Today, my list is so full I can't add anything else to it, and keep it looking presentable.  I'm also the person who has to have a nice, organized list.  I will totally re-work that puppy in a second!  I'm also the girl who totally does something, then writes it on the list so she can scratch it off.  Yep.  Lots of confessions up in here today!

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ci said...

I notice no recent comments...Too much smootching going ON ????