Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Shtuff

I had a pretty productive day yesterday in the wedding department.  I hardly ever have time to actually just sit down and think and visualize wedding stuff, let alone actually use my hands to make something.  But yesterday, I did!  Thanks, in part, because I skipped church, which I do feel slightly guilty about.  Sorry!  But I feel very accomplished.

I printed all of the invitations, response cards and reply envelopes.  I plan to tackle the address envelopes/getting a million stamps/etc. this week.  Michael's on rehearsal dinner invitation/map duty.  I think I decided on ceremony music.  (Anyone who says I can't walk down the aisle to Coldplay or Goo Goo Dolls need not comment.)  I designed little FAQs for the invitation mailings, and little "please upload your digital pictures" cards to put on the tables at the reception.  I made a couple dozen more little candy shells for the favor boxes (this is the most time consuming project ever - anyone who has ever made those little candy melt candies, how do you do it?  I've tried several ways of melting the pellets, but they have all been annoying thus far).  I made "wedding wands" (2 to be exact, after which I decided we would not be having wedding wands because although I think they'd be beautiful out on the beach, I do not see myself painting 100 or so dowel rods and hot gluing ribbon and seashells on them, only for them to break!)  And I made a mock-up of my centerpiece idea, after I bought a couple of green hydrangeas at the grocery store on Friday.

Phew!  Here are a couple of pictures of my accomplishments:

June09 024

This is the centerpiece and one of our favor boxes.

I love them!  Isn't it so exciting when your vision becomes a reality? It's so rewarding.

June09 019

Here are the wedding wands.

Cute, but...  uh, no, sorry wedding wands, no one has the time or patience to make you.

So... we'll have two. Haha.

June09 022

Here is a blurry picture of the "upload your pictures to our "Picasa" cards I did.

I'm not crazy about the design, but I like the idea.


kristen said...

love the centerpiece flowers...absolutely beautiful.
and really, why wouldn't you want to hot glue over 100 dowel rods when you have a full time job & you already have a million other wedding things to do?:)
at least it's not an election year!!

kelly said...

I love the centerpiece! and the "upload your digital photos to Picasa" idea is brilliant!