Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Stud Muffin

Another project I've been working on is Michael and my wedding slideshow/video.  I think I am realizing in talking to people I work with that this may be a "Southern thing."  So, I will explain it for you Northerners.  Basically, at weddings, you play a slideshow or video of old pictures of the Bride and Groom growing up.  The moms cry.  Everyone else laughs.  Usually people do this at the rehearsal dinner, but we're going to play ours at the actual wedding reception because the venue is much more conducive there and it's a uber-casual atmosphere, so it fits! 

I love making these videos.  See my nephew's high school graduation video, my mom's 50th birthday video  (too bad the audio was disabled darn copyright rules!) and my tribute to my family's restaurant.  I have so much fun doing these!

When I was in Texas, I got a bunch of pictures of my Michael through the years.  Some are hilarious, of course!  Who wasn't funny when you grew up in the 80s?  Some brought on such an emotional response from me that I had to walk away a couple of times.  But now, I'm in the middle of completing this really fun, rewarding project.  And I am loving it!


This one is my favorite!  So much so, that I have a wallet sized one in my wallet!  How fun, right?  People (except for grandparents, I suspect) don't really carry pictures around in their wallets anymore, I know I don't.  But it's been fun to see this in there every now and then when I got to pay for something.

I think, man, look at my STUD MUFFIN! He looks so handsome here in his teenage years, doesn't he? 

Very "Saved by the Bell"/Zack Morris shirt, no?

And I love the prominence of the ring and the rolled up sleeves, haha. 

But those eyes, that smile, I could look at them forever.  I think I will.

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