Sunday, June 21, 2009

I should be sleeping, not blogging...

but I am really proud of the progress I made this weekend, so I just have to share it with you!

It was an excellent weekend.  Very productive in the wedding department.  I was reminded of how blessed and taken care of I am, it was great to be back at church with some really good friends I've made.  Great to catch up with my Dad and my Step-dad on the phone.  Love those guys!
Now.. documenting the wedding progress:
IMG_4306 I finished the centerpieces!!!

I think I have 23 or 24 of these.  I tell you my new best friends are Dollar Tree and my hot glue gun!

I only burned myself once, and that was yesterday, and it's already pretty much healed.



See what I mean?

I forgot how awesome this place is.  Where else can you get this much stuff for like $38?

I grew up in the town that Dollar Tree is headquartered in, and there was one on like every corner, so it's sad I had to Google and GPS just to get to a couple around here, but it was totally worth it!


I also made all of the boutonnieres (gosh! I can't ever spell that word!) for the boys!!

This is what they look like for the groomsmen.


Michael's is special since he's my GROOM.

He gets to stand out.  :)


I also made the corsages for our moms and Granny.

It took me a while to come up with this design, but I think this is nice!  I didn't want them to be the same as the boys, ya know!


I even got them all wrapped and assigned and packaged!

I scored some free bubble wrap someone was getting rid of, and a box, so I was able to pack the centerpieces all up!  I can't wait to get this stuff down to the OBX and out of here, because it's really starting to take up a lot of room!


I redesigned our picture cards with our one of our new logos (another score from Etsy, seriously, I am so in love with that website!) and I'm much happier with them.  I even printed and cut all of these out!

So, yay!!! Major progress made!  I have a couple of important things to accomplish this week, but I should have time, so hopefully all of these things will just keep getting scratched off of my gigantic to do list!

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