Sunday, May 3, 2009


Da-da-da-da!!!! I can just hear Bob Barker's voice when I write that, can't you?

Sooooo.... all I was planning to do Friday after work was going home and going to sleep, since I didn't log many sleep hours last week at all.

Well.... the oil light came on in my SUV. (I had a 2006 Ford Escape) I knew I was overdue for an oil change (typical) so I took it into this garage where I totally trust the guys to look at it.  NOT the place that did my state inspection earlier last week who made me get new brake pads and lost my car's registration!  There was apparently barely any oil in my car because the "oil seal" was broken.  They'd have to replace at least that one.  Then, they said since my car was close to 60,000 miles, they recommend replacing the timing belt, that would in total, set me back like $700 something dollars.

I didn't do it right then.  I called my mother.  Thankfully we've finally gotten to the point where I can call my mother about these things and she finally understands that I don't want her to pay to fix it, I just want her to listen.  She was great and she gave me some GREAT ADVICE.

Get a new car.

I didn't think that was even an option.  Hello!  So, I thought about it for a couple of hours, talked it over with Michael, then I found myself at a Ford dealership.  I was just going to explore my options.

Well..... long story short... my options led me to a NEEEEEWWWW CAR!

Introducing, Leo.  Leo is a 2009 Escape, and he's way better than my 2006 (sorry Max).  Max was just the base model.  Leo has everything!  And - the icing on the cake is my brand new car is actually costing me LESS than the old one.  I got a lower rate (0%!!), my payment is lower, and it's way better of a car!  I love that new car smell!

So, if you have been thinking about it - I recommend getting a new car right now, you can get some amazing deals!!

April09 035

Introducing Leo.

(sorry, my camera lens was a little foggy)

April09 030

Last known self portrait of me driving Max, my old SUV.

R.I.P. Max!!

(man.. I need to touch up my roots!  I'll do that next weekend... and full court press on the wedding planning is back on)


ci said...

PLEASE,PLEASE PLEASE , make sure to keep Leo's oil changed...He'll love you for it!!!

Teresa Halminton said...

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