Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4 months to go!

Wedding countdown:  4 months to go!

Four months still seems like 4ever (laugh anyway).  I say to everyone who said to me this engagement time will "fly by" - liar, liar, pants on fire!! It is DRAGGING.  We've decided to think of it in weeks, because although it is a bigger number, it somehow translates in my brain to what feels like a shorter amount of time.

16 weeks.

Can I be frank?  The only way this wedding is seeming close is when I think about it in paychecks. 8!  4, really, because we all know that first paycheck of the month doesn't really exist.

Whoaaaaa!  I need to win the lottery.  But I don't play, wait!  My mother needs to win the lottery.

I can't help but crack up when I read the things the knot says I should be doing this month.

-figure out how I'm going to wear my hair (really?  4 months in advance, I don't even know how long my hair is going to be)

Oh, darn it!  That's the only thing on the list I'm actually authorized to mock, because I actually need to get out of wedding planning denial and do the other things - like figure out the flowers, the cake, lodging arrangements, the menu, etc., etc., etc.

But not now.  Right now, I secretly want to dive in to TIME's 100 Most Influential People issue.  I would so rather be reading this on a Saturday morning with a fresh pot of coffee, as the sun comes up, and I snuggle with my puppers in my papisan chair.  Oh well, I guess jumping in and out of it in the chilly control room in between live shots will do.   Cheers! :)

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ann said...

In my world time goes by so quickly so I know that Sept. will be here before you know it:) I am just so sad that I won't be there to help with all of those fun things like how you will wear your hair:) I know it will all be beautiful!
Did the dentist tell you that you have to get the wisdom teeth taken out?? I had 4 of them removed and it wasn't so bad but Aunt Joyce came and helped:)