Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if my blog is just not meant to be updated.  Because I feel like whenever I do have the time to update, the interwebs get mad at me and make it impossible to load the webpage, or upload photos or whatever.

I have a small window of opportunity here, so here goes...

I forgot my lunch today! And it stinks because I had the perfect lunch - pizza and salad and homemade chocolate chip cookies! And they were all bagged up and ready to go.  Totally left it in my fridge.  I realized it when I was on the road to work, but it was too late.  And it super stinks because my co-workers are going live at the White House this morning, which means I'm the only one in the Bureau, so I can't leave to go down to ABP for anything. Waaaa.  Thanks for listening.

But, when I do get home from work I will devour some southern cookin' goodness:

April09 016

Chicken 'n dumplin's y'all!  Paula would be proud! Oh wait, there isn't any butter in there, she'd probably be mad.

Whatever,all I know is when I woke up and opened the door to the outside of my bedroom it was smellin' niiiiice!

Shout out to Michael for the idea.  Honey - wish you were here to enjoy them with me!!

April09 017

Brokaw was so excited because he could smell 'em cooking, he was running laps around the kitchen island!

Here we have him taking the kitchen rug on a tour of the apartment.  He does that when he's really excited, I don't get it.

Now for my weekend in reverse...

Sunday was EASTER!  Don't you just love that day!  The reminder that my Lord and Savior rose from the dead and defeated death just never gets old to me.  I love the Passion and the whole weekend.  Each year.  Each year, it's so cool how different parts of the story seem to hit me. This year, I was thinking about how I identify so much with Christ in his despair before he was taken to trial, etc.  You know the whold "Father take this cup from me if you can, but if you can't your will be done" business.  Totally paraphrasing there, obviously.  The DTDB translation of the Bible, if you will.   For some reason, this year, that just totally hit me - reminded me that Jesus knows what it is like to plead with the Father.  Like we do.  He gets us!  Sunday, Pastor Mark preached about Lazarus being raised from the dead.  My god is a BIG GOD.  He's done some amazing things!!! And there's nothing like a little reminer that he raised a 4 day old dead dude from the dead, and that he ROSE FROM THE DEAD HIMSELF to put my little "Lord, how am I going to pay for this wedding and what's my future going to look like, exactly" pleading into perspective.  He's got this.

April09 012

After church on Sunday, I was able to enjoy lunch (pizza and salad and cookies: yummy, yummy, yummy) with Ginger, Victor & Brand New Baby Caleb!

Nothing like a 2 week old baby falling asleep in your arms.

Is there anything softer? Anything that smells better than a newborn baby? (with a clean diaper - actually I don't even think their poo stinks yet but I may not be right about that)

It was really nice! What a blessing. I love Caleb's pose here, haha.

Saturday I was super, duper, fuper, looper productive in the wedding department!!!
Things are really starting to come together!  I decided on a bridesmaid dress (I secretly want one)!  Got my girls cute flip flops and accessories (I want those too). Did a practice run on our invitation!  Got Mike a HOT khaki colored linen suit (H&M has amazing prices).  Got a lead on a cake (shout out Pastor Rick).  My mom & my sister are rocking with the plans for the Bridal Shower... looking forward to that!  So, yeah... things are starting to fall into place and I'm actually having fun with it!  I can't wait to get paid again, though! Haha.

Gretchen introduced me to this fabulous mall in or around Baltimore (not really sure) where they have outlet stores mixed in with regular stores and I LOVED IT.  Definitely going back there when I have money to spend again!!  We were noticing some rather unfortunate 80s comebacks, though:

April09 006

April09 007

April09 008


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