Monday, April 27, 2009


Yep, that was lame. Sorry!

How have 2 weeks passed since I last blogged? Seriously, no wonder I'm starting to feel guilty!  I am just so busy, and I rarely feel enlightened enough to share anything anyone will find useful or amusing, even.  Maybe this blog thing has run it's course? I don't know. (that wasn't a threat)

Maybe the two jobs/not sleeping/stressing out over my future/money/the wedding has totally zapped my capacity for extracurricular creativity?

I am still reading blogs, that's for sure! I've found some good ones lately - I need to do a link post one of these days, that would be fun!

See, how I always have all of these brilliant blog ideas? But they just never make it onto the actual blog.  Can I have a personal assistant, please?  Someone I can dictate my pure blog brilliance to, and they can actually go online and type it up? That would be grand.

Oh, look, my 5 minutes of break time is up. Maybe more in a couple of weeks? Sorry!

1 comment:

cindy floyd said...

It's okay...Your mama still loves you...Actually, she feels guilty...cause she hasn't had time to read your blog...