Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trying to jump back in...

Hello faithful blog readers.. thank you so much for your continued patience.  I am so behind!  Life is seriously CRAZY right now!  I know I keep saying that, but I mean it.  It is.  I am either at work, WORKING, or I'm at home SLEEPING.  There is not much in between.  Except driving, and well, I can't blog while driving, I just can't.  I know I used to read the Roanoke Times in the car on my way to work back in the day.. and I have been known to scroll through the New York Times on the blackberry now at stoplights, but blogging?  Eh.  Sorry, just not going to happen in the car.

There have been many things I have wanted to blog about... I've even made lists, just none of them have actually made it on here.  Paul Harvey died.  SADNESS!  I way respected him.

I am completely OVER hearing about the following:  The economy and all of the terrible adjectives that modify it.  The Bachelor.  Bernie Madoff.  Chris Brown. (the singer, not my brother!)



My baby brother is still in Iraq, people!  I think about him and pray for him each day and I really miss hearing from him.

He is the good Chris Brown.  And he could use some encouragement, so lift him up, will ya?



Speaking of FAMILY... last weekend I had the chance to play tour guide to some of my new people!  I'm about to inherit a slew of beautiful cousins!

We had so much fun touring all around DC together.

That's Andrew, Sara, yours truly, Jodi, Mary and Amy.  Love y'all!!


We spent Sunday at Arlington National Cemetery.  I hadn't been there before, and I definitely want to go back!  There's so much to take in... it could definitely be a day trip!

We watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  Pretty powerful stuff.


And we saw JFK's grave and the Eternal Flame.  This was so rushed, I need to go back to adequately process!


We were on the perfect perch to watch Marine One come in.  President Obama was on his way back to the White House from Camp David.

We waited and waited... and he was late.  There's a shocker.  Here's one of the helicopters, though!

Never gets old to me, NEVER.

I don't really have much else to report... you saw that I got a wedding dress, right?  I can't put up pictures of that, obviously, because I'm going old school-keeping-it-secret from the fiance style.. But I will tell you that I did not end up getting what I at one time thought was "the dress," so maybe I'll put a picture of that up?  Hmmm... even though it's not THE DRESS after all, it's still fun to think about myself in a wedding dress... so, here you go, some other dress shopping pics...  NONE OF THESE ARE IT, haha~~

IMG_3605 IMG_3618 IMG_3626

That was the dress that was ALMOST IT!  But, I just couldn't pay that much for a dress.  Just couldn't bring myself to drop $750 on it.  Thought, for sure, I'd end up regretting it when I look back one day when we need money, and wish I hadn't spent it on this dress.  The one I did buy, though, is BEAUTIFUL!  And, I found it on Craigslist!!! I got it for just $300.  Yes, I'm bragging, because I'm proud of myself!  Now, I need to get a veil.  Well, and I need to get my dress altered.  I'm going to get the ball rolling on that soon.  Does anyone know if I have a "DIamond White" dress, can I just get a regular white veil?  I don't know these things...

Let's see... what else have I been meaning to blog...


Oh yes.  I saw these and had to buy them for Brokaw.

Making him even more the dog version of me.  Because you know I LIVE off of 100 calorie packs, hahaha!!!

Okay... that's enough to consider myself back into blogging for now, right?  Good, because I have to hop in the shower and head to work like NOW.  Peace out!


Tonja said...

Love seeing the pictures of you with the family. Wish I could have come and hung out with you all.

Courtney P said...

Hey girl! Thanks for blogging - it was good reading what's been going on in your world. :) Isn't Arlington amazing? My uncle is there, so special meaning for me, but the place in general is just moving.
Praying for your brother, and for you as life stays crazy for the next, oh, at least six months! lol

Rebecca said...

love the arlington cemetery. it is so moving and i loved watching the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. i took so many pics of that...some in BW and they are my favorite pics from my trip there. my mom and i took a girls trip my senior yr of college. i bet your dress is beautiful...i think you can do white with the diamond white. i would look at first before you buy it to make sure it matches. i would let you borrow mne, but i think it might be ivory. i loved my veil!! praying for the bro.

amy said...

can't wait to explore again soon!

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