Friday, March 13, 2009

I woke up asleep.

This week has been a total wash in the sleep department.  Last "night" was the first night I slept without waking up almost every hour before waking up for good an hour or so before I actually had to be up.  Does that even make sense?  I think the schedule shift plus daylight saving time kicked my butt!

You know it's bad when you wake up... asleep.  I fell all the way back asleep after talking to Michael on the phone last night.  I fell asleep in the shower. *You know it's not good when you do the shower sit... you know waht I'm talking about?  It's like the little bit of energy I did have... was going down the drain with the water.  I wanted so badly to crawl back in the bed after I took a shower.  But I had to come to work, so obviously, I didn't get back in the bed.  I did almost cry as I was making it!  I made fresh coffee (after drinking what was already heated up from the day before) just for my drive.

Now, I'm at work... and I think I've had what amounts to a pot of coffee.. and I am having to WORK at keeping my eyes open!  I hope I can sleep this weekend!  But I have so much to do!!  I hate waking up tired.  And feeling like I'm in a fog.  I want to sleep GOOD so BAD.

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ann said...

I can relate to you on the sleeping situation. I don't seem to get enough of it. I don't think I have slept through a solid 8 hours since arriving here without having to go to the bathroom or just waking up. Then when the alarm rings at 6 a.m. I have to force myself to get up. I sympathize with you:)