Friday, March 13, 2009

Attention Future Journalists: Minior in Economics!

When I was in college, falling in love with journalism, I *knew* I'd have to also love politics.  Looking back, surprisingly, it wasn't something that came naturally!  That's right, I actually had to force the political news down.  It overwhelmed me.  It didn't really interest me because I figured all politicians were just scum.

The more I read and watched about politics... it really grew on me!  Now, I'm a bona fide political junkie!  That's why it's so much fun for me to work in Washington - because even when I wasn't working in Washington, I was still following these cats closely.  And when I worked in local news, I loved the local politics and state politics, too.  Well, more so in Virginia.  I didn't really live in Pennsylvania long enough to connect with the State Legislature there.

Now.... with all of the issues with the economy going on... I feel myself falling again!  Yes, that's right.  I am really getting into the economy.  I wish I would have minored in Economics or something, though, because I've had to learn so much of the basics on the job!  I realized yesterday that the whole Bear Stearns thing was A YEAR AGO!  No wonder I'm down with the day-to-day Wall Street numbers, weekly unemployment figures and the latest consumer confidence polls!  I've been on my little economic learning curve for an entire year! Wow.


I do wish someone would have told be back in like 1998 that the world was going to be in economic crisis in 10 years so I could have majored in economics and I could have been more prepared!  So, journalism majors - since these things apparently go in cycles - trust me - at least minor in economics.  While you're at it, go ahead and take a class or two in statistics, too.  They are kicking my butt right now!


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Danae said...

I'll take note - thanks for the advice! (Ok, so I'm really behind in my blog reading!)