Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday Morning Post

This is random, yes, I know.  First of all, you know I don't like to get all political up in here but I really wish everyone would stop crying about this digital television transition.  It is NOT that hard, people!  And, I'm sorry.  The last time I checked, television was not a right.  If you want to watch TV, get with the program.

Now, for something happier - from the blog that brought us all that fun with coffee stains - LEGOS!

I'm sitting in my living room, surrounded by boxes.  Some are full.  Some are empty.  Tomorrow is my last day to pack and I'd say I'm about half way done.  I still have to pack up the kitchen, which is a big job.  And do a real, good, final deep cleaning.  By the way - Oxyclean is AMAZING!  I've been using it to clean EVERYTHING, and while there is barely any skin left on my hands, I feel like this apartment is really clean!  Haha.

I tried to be RADICAL in cleaning things out.  Tried not to think too hard about what to get rid of.  If it doesn't fit, hasn't been used or worn in a year, I don't love it or have super sentimental attachment to it - It's probably in the back of my SUV waiting to go to Goodwill. (I use "goodwill" for all thrift stores, excellent branding, I guess)

The SUV is full.  I'm not hoarding it to give to my family for a yard sale.  It's not worth the trip.  I'm not listing it all on Craigslist or Ebay.  It's not worth the work.  What is most valuable is the space getting rid of that stuff will free up.  I want to live more simply.  This is a step toward that goal.

I better get to work.  I'm having another bad hair day.  I wish I could wear a ball cap to work!

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ann said...

I don't want to hear any complaining about bad hair days. It is hot here every day and getting hotter and more humid--my hair doesn't have a chance and it will be like that for months and months and months!!!! Love ya!