Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Blog

Shout out to my boss, for reading the blog and bringing me THIS yesterday:

February09 005 

Thanks, Wendy!

Have y'all had these chocolate cupcakes from Starbucks?  Hands down, the best thing I've ever had out of the STBX bake case.

Oh my goodness.  This, plus a glass of milk, shoooooot.

The icing is fudgy! (*my mouth is watering as I type this*)

Yesterday I made some serious progress in organizing/unpacking.  I'm such an organization nerd and I really enjoy that kind of thing!  I can't wait until this weekend when I can spend all day Saturday just playing in the new place!

Next I need to clean my car out.  I've practically been living it and it is such a mess!  And my purse.  Oh, goodness.  I don't know about you, but you can tell the state of my mind by looking in my purse:

February09 004 

Yeah... I'm a mess.

Let's talk about what's in there:

-2 ipods

-Excederin & Ibuprofen

-3 kinds of chapstick like products

-2 full notepads

-multiple to do lists

-2 pairs of sunglasses

-And I had 3 packs of gum... now I'm suddently down to none at all.

See all of the doubling/tripling up?  And there's free change and receipts at the bottom.  Don't even get me started!  This drives me NUTS, too.  I can tell by all of the doubling/tripling that I'm afraid I'm forgetting something.  That's where disorganization will land you, people!  It's all about having good systems.  Can't wait to clean this sucker out!

One more thing for today.  Look at this picture I have on my desk:

February09 003 

Awwww, right?  I miss so much about this picture.

My brother.  My sister.

A summer dress and a tan.


It's going to be a good day!  I just realized there is a Diet Coke in the fridge that is mine.  I didn't drink it yesterday, so I'll gulp it down right now.  Bonus!  And, in a matter of hours... I'll be finding out if I'm having a new NIECE or a new NEPHEW!!  Baby news alert!


susan said...

When my work computer crashes.. I usually take that reboot time to scatter the contents of my purse across my desk and do a quick re-organize and relocate. I usually find earrings that I forgot I had lingering at the bottom.

cindy floyd said...

okay, fill me in on the niece or nephew! Also, I love this pic! Please put it somewhere on my facebook!!

cindy floyd said...

Yall all look HOT! No pun intended. I ain't having no ugly children!!

cindy floyd said...

Yall all look HOT! No pun intended. I ain't having no ugly children!!