Monday, February 16, 2009

Starting the week on Tuesday is a good thing.

It's kind of Monday, but it's Tuesday.  Thank God for President's Day!  And thank you to all of the Presidents.  I needed that day of rest!

Anytime the week wants to start on a Tuesday, that's fine with me.

I woke up not feeling well, boo!  I have to remember to set up my humidifier tonight.  I want to drill a hole in my head there is so much pressure, argh!

I'm still adjusting to my new life out in the burbs.  My 9 minute commute to work has turned into almost half an hour.  I know I shouldn't complain because a half hour commute in DC is like blinking.  But let's remember, that's one of the nice things about coming to work at 1:00am!  I have been listening to the radio a lot more (obviously) and I've decided my two favorite songs right now are P!nk's "Sober" - I love the part where she says " don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence... " then there is actual silence, brilliant!  And I also love the song "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown band.  It's so redneck but I do identify with it :)  Randomness... I know, P!nk and country music but I'm ever on scan, and I really do like a little bit of everything, so there you go!

Thoughts from this weekend:

1.  I love my fiance.  He managed to still make my Valentine's Day special, from 1200 miles away because he's awesome like that.

2.  Friends are fun and I'm thankful for them.  I saw Becky Barber on Saturday night and it was great, as always.  Love her!

3.  My apartment is darling, yet a disaster area.  I'm expecting the official declaration from the White House soon - hey, perhaps I can get some federal assistance?  I wish!!

4.  I love my church.  This "Greater Things" series is kicking my butt but in a good way, I need it!

5.  Wegmans is the best grocery store on the planet.  I was expecting it to be super expensive, but it wasn't!  And there are 29 lanes and when I was there (Sunday afternoon) they were **all open**.  Impressive! 

Okay, I think that's all for now.  No pictures from my weekend, sorry!  As soon as my apartment is up to an acceptable condition (probably next weekend because I'm crazy busy right now) I will post pictures.

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mike ritter said...

Hey Sweetheart.
Thanks for the shout out.
I am proud of my partner.